LETTER: Simple solution to traffic woes

IN response to Anthony Beach’s letter about drivers using the offside lane on Hotham Way to overtake the queuing traffic and forcing their way into the queue just before the crossing, the answer is cheap and simple.

Mark the offside lane with a series of right-turn arrows from the hospital roundabout to the right turn into the London Road car park.

You could even mark on the carriageway car park and possibly town centre as a lot of drivers use this turning to gain access to London Road. The nearside lane would be marked with straight-on arrows and A259 markings.

At the lane into the car park, the offside section of the road should be hatched initially and kerbed and paved when finances permit, leaving just the nearside lane for the A259 traffic.

On Felpham Way where drivers overtake the queuing traffic then do a 360-degree turn around the Leisure Centre roundabout before forcing their way into the queuing traffic, the answer is again cheap and simple.

Just put a give-way marking on the roundabout, giving priority to the west-bound traffic on the A259.

Alternatively, it may be possible to make a traffic order prohibiting the manoeuvre which the police could enforce. In fact the police, if they thought the current manoeuvre was dangerous or causing traffic problems could stop the drivers and direct them back down Felpham Way.

I am sure this would please the drivers waiting patiently.

Tony Turley

Burley Road