LETTER: Solution needed

LEN Eyles (letters, August 27) is quite right about the adverse environmental effects of the use of fossil fuels. But he could not have known about the story on page 4: new applications for oil and gas exploration between Chichester and Bognor Regis.

There is a consultation period until the end of September. Then, if the local democratic process rejects the drilling plans, it seems the government will bulldozer them through anyway.

Our Chichester MP, Andrew Tyrie, understands that climate change is happening and that human activity is causing it, but he also seems to agree with the Prime Minister that developing shale gas extraction (fracking) in the UK is something we should be encouraging.

So if any of the proposed areas is near you, and you don’t want it, don’t expect any support from your elected representative.

We only have one world and we should not trash it.

We’ isn’t just you, me and our families, it isn’t just the British people, it isn’t even everyone alive on the planet.

It has to mean everyone who will ever live on the planet. Technology can do mind-blowing things these days but our leaders must steer it to develop in the right direction and we now know that fossil fuels are the wrong direction. Instead, we need sustainable solutions like alternative energy, and the sooner the better.

Terry Richter

White Chimney Row