LETTER: Source of support

I WOULD like to say a HUGE thank you on behalf of the Midhurst Community to the Rev Davis Willis, vicar of St Mary Magdelene and St Denys Parish Church, regarding Josie’s tragic accident.

His support during a very difficult week has been amazing and I truly think he helped us to cope with what happened.

Although I wasn’t a witness to the accident, I live nearby and so I spent the day hearing all about it from different people.

I was beginning to get upset

so I popped into the library for a quiet read.

Just as I got there, the phone rang from the library delivery van driver saying he couldn’t get to Midhurst due to the closed roads, so we in the library had a long conversation about what happened.

Thanks to my Facebook newsfeed later in the day, (Midhurst and Petworth Observer) I read that Rev Dave Willis was in the church for people to talk or pray who were traumatised by what happened.

I went there, spoke to him in detail and said I would like to say my private prayers, which I did and I did felt a huge lot better afterwards and I lit a candle for Josie, too.

I understand that he spent a long time with the shopkeepers in North Street talking to them and he was there for people who just wanted to talk about their experience and comfort them.

The service in the Parish Church for Josie at 6pm on Wednesday,

July 16, was well organised at such short notice too.

I was there and yet again, the Rev Dave Willis delivered.

The lighting of the candles at the end of the service for Josie was the perfect end to a tragic week that affected so many of us in Midhurst.

Lyn Oram

Bepton Road