LETTER: Standards are no longer a credit

THE constant flow of hostile complaints about Hyde in the local press must surely raise questions with our local government representatives?

It cannot be denied that in the days when local housing associations worked closely with locally-elected representative bodies, such as Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council, etc, our social housing estates were mainly clean, tidy and well run, a credit to the Chichester district.

Indeed, in those days the local authorities, jealous of Chichester district’s image, would not have allowed it otherwise, but it is now noticeable that some of our estates are falling well below par, with anti-social, slum-creating activities both permitted or even just ignored!

Standards of maintainance of the housing stock is clearly sub-standard and if the landlord ceases to care, why should the tenant?

Indeed, it seems to me that these huge social landlords, usually owned and run from afar, are only interested in financial returns against minimum outlay although doubtless, the top brass is very well rewarded for their incompetence and lack of interest! Obviously, in social housing one will get residents who will take liberties, but a few years ago, they were swiftly jumped on and reminded of their responsibilities to fellow residents and the community at large but, apparently this no longer applies!

Because the landlord does not seem to care, is it any wonder that tenants cease to care also?

J Ritson,

Longlands Rd