LETTER: Store impact a concern

AS P Lewis writes, ‘Two fingers up’, in Felpham we also were not supported when we tried to limit the hours of selling alcohol at the opening of Tesco Express, irrespective of the increasingly-worrying statistics regarding the effects of alcohol consumption.

Other concerns included traffic and safety.

Since its opening in Felpham about four years ago, the store has already been refurbished to extend its service.

An increasing concern is the constant rubbish spreading into the local area, including bottles, cans, plastic and carrier bags, food wrappers and so on.

Included in this is the children’s play area, the entrance to the playing fields and beyond. Further litter bins have been provided, but bottles and rubbish were abundant, with some lying inside and outside the play area this Sunday.

Another disruption for the community can be late-night rowdy gatherings in the playing field, with of course its associated litter.

It is an example of the impact an express store can have on a local community, bearing in mind their service is not likely to be solely for the local community.

Issues such as these, in my opinion, need to be fully costed in by the business at the planning stage. Mindful also that the business strives for more custom and so increasing the likely impact on the local community.

Local communities and villages must have this type of commitment to preserve the community and its values for their future.

Good luck, Aldwick.

A Netley

Clovelly Avenue