LETTER: Support hospice in face of opposition

AS A supporter of St Wilfrid’s Hospice since it started in Chichester I am very distressed to hear of so much opposition coming from the parish council in Bosham and from so many Bosham residents to the move of the hospice to Walton Lane.

I would like to point out to these people how selfish and short sighted they are for the hospice movement through our country has been given enormous acclaim, tremendous support and is a most important contribution to the very sick in our communities.

St Wilfrid’s needs more space for the wonderful work it does both with inpatient care and for the expansion of its day care work, both in the hospice and with patients in their own homes.

I understand that the opposition is about the drainage system - traffic, lights through the night etc. All of which are petty things which can be overcome.

Perhaps they should look at the other advantages for patients and their relations.

There is a good bus service, good train service, shops nearby and at the end of the day they should consider what advantage it could be to them or their near and dear if they were afflicted by any of these distressing illnesses and would then wish for comfort, understanding and support which the staff give so readily and so expertly to all who suffer.

The hospice in Donnington is beautifully kept with a lovely garden and I am confident they won’t change as they have so many dedicated volunteers to help.

I believe the alternative for this particular plot of land is more affordable houses.

What would that mean - very much more traffic, noise, people – and undoubtedly a bigger drainage infrastructure and along with that rubbish collection with its ongoing problems of fly tipping.

Please Bosham, think again above all help the sick, those who die and their relatives, maybe yourselves or your own friends.

Fiona Lunch

East Ashling