LETTER: Thanks for help after car crash

ON WEDNESDAY 20th May 2015 I was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident on the A259 between Bognor and Chichester. As a result my car ended up in the ditch on the grass verge.

Through your letters page I would like to try and thank all those who immediately stopped and attended to me. I was very distressed.

I was immensely grateful for the kind words of a gentleman who assured me I was safe and that an ambulance was on its way.

This gentleman sat with me talking calmly and quietly and reassuring me throughout until the ambulance crew took over. I have no idea who he was but I will always be grateful that he stopped.

Having spent a week in hospital under the outstanding care of the A and E department and Chilgrove ward I am now mending well at home.

My grateful thanks to everyone who has played a part in my on going recovery.

Janet Medlam

Scant Road East,