LETTER: The A27 is a messy saga

VARIOUS options for improvements to the A27 around Chichester.

What a sad and worrying mess this whole saga has become.

It’s time for Highways England to come forward and issue a statement on the various options as to how the proposed consultation will be organised and determined for their preferred option.

I understand that there are five options for upgrading the existing A27 and two options for a northern route.

One of northern options can immediately be discounted because it runs close to Brandy Hole Copse and through the Local Plan development at Whitehouse Farm.

From the number of emails and letters that I have received from constituents in my ward they are expressing real anxiety and fear for their future.

This has already been publicly stated by Lord March with regard to the future of the motor sports events at Goodwood, which provide significant employment and income to the local economy.

Our local MP Andrew Tyrie is also opposed to a northern bypass.

If you oppose the northern by-pass option and wish to have it discussed at a full meeting of the county council please go to the website of Chichester Deserves Better and sign the petition.

Mike Hall (Chichester District Councillor for Lavant and Westhampnett Ward)

Crouch Cross Lane, Boxgrove