LETTER: The council needs to understand the word ‘no’

SO once again we have to give our opinions on plans for the regeneration of our town.

I have to say it is becoming very boring, particularly when the same proposals that have already been rejected by the general public are once again being offered.

I know I have said it before but part of Arun council clearly does not understand ‘no’.

I took the time to go to the library to study the reports and found hundreds of pages devoted to PC subjects and from a general member of the public point of view, most of the contents were totally irrelevant.

The cost of compiling this load of irrelevant rubbish must be staggering, just quickly flicking through the pages I estimated that it has cost us tax payers at least another £200,000.

Arun has already squandered over £5m with little or nothing to show for it and here we go again down the same old

broken road.

1: We the public do not want a new multi-screen cinema, we have a very good cinema already.

2: We do not want the esplanade closed.

3: We would like to see the existing Alexander Theatre expanded

4: We would like to see the pier restored to attract visitors.

5: Most of all we would like the council to stop pouring our money into these reports when it should be spent on the town. We have had several estimates of the cost so far to do with regeneration and some five years ago it was estimated to have cost £5m so by now it is probably close to £8m.

Just think what could have been done with all that money, if only.

I have a better idea, let’s get rid of all the planners and use the savings to improve the thing that we the public want. I have no idea how many planners we have but looking at the recent reports it must be at least 20, then perhaps we may get something done before we all die of old age waiting.

Alan Ambridge

Christchurch Crescent

West Meads