LETTER: The Good Book

IT is the worst housing sale offer in town, promoted by the Church Commissioners and Arun District Council.

Just when you stopped choking on last year’s offer of 2,000 houses you have to digest the unsound and unsustainable threat of 3,000 houses in Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate.

Yes, it’s true folks, it’s the unreal deal of the decade, ‘Dread 2,000 houses and get stuffed with 3,000 houses’.

It’s the Church Commissioners and their Arun partners’ own special misrepresentation offer, unfortunately now impossible to miss.

The Old Testament contains stories of flood and famine, well the Church Commissioners should stop reading balance sheets and return to the Good Book for guidance, before it is too late.

The Church Commissioners are prepared to forsake the countryside that absorbs all sources of flood water and the green fields which contain the highest grades of prime farmland.

They appear to value short-term income from the sale of these natural and irreplaceable district assets, above protecting future food production and our ability of reacting to climate change.

How many of our district councillors who voted for this bad local plan are prepared to say they voted for 3,000 houses for the Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate location?

Furthermore, how many of our district councillors are prepared to say that Arun have misled the district’s residents during the preparation of the local plan?

Councillor Brown’s Arun local plan jigsaw has become a lottery and therefore the grounds for its justification should be altered accordingly.

The institutions that we should be able to trust have become an example of mistrust to us all and their actions indicate that they do not represent or value the existing residents of the villages and the wider area, but have their eyes set on future residents currently residing outside of the Arun district.

Laurence Ward

St Richard’s Road