LETTER: They don’t speak for me

I was interested to read the article, in last week’s Chichester Observer, regarding the group of protesters who displayed a banner titled ‘Bridges not Walls’ on the day of the inauguration of President Trump.

Councillor Sarah Sharp in event said that, ‘We in Chichester are proud to be part of this global movement’ but I must, respectfully, say that they do not speak on behalf of me.

The councillor spoke about a ‘climate of fear and hatred which seems to be gaining ground’.

This view was shared by the spokesperson for Bridges not Walls, who said: “We mustn’t let the politics of hate peddled by the likes of Donald Trump take hold.”

I wonder what their views are of the opponents of Donald Trump in the United States? Having taken time to watch the election campaign, via the internet rather than just rely on output of the British media, I noticed the hatred being expressed by some of President Trump’s opponents.

They disrupted many of his election meetings and there was evidence of violence during the protests in the cities of the USA. One protestor, carrying a ‘Fight hate’ banner, was filmed throwing a brick through the window of a coffee shop.

I, for one, am very glad at the decision he has taken to cut off federal funding for ‘Planned Parenthood’, an abortion service that advocates termination of an unborn child right up to the day of birth. In my view, this decision is not one of hatred but a recognition of the value of all human life.

Fr Paul Turner

Cawley Road