LETTER: Traffic diversions are a shambles

CONGRATULATIONS to whoever organised the traffic diversions from the Selsey B2145 roadworks north of Sidlesham, through the narrow roads around Highlea on to the Birdham Straight on Friday, February 28. What a shambles.

My journey from Selsey to the Birdham Straight took one hour 20 minutes and rumour has it some people took two hours or more and some abandoned their journeys altogether.

I wonder how many people were late or missed hospital appointments or other destination times?

The congestion was caused through the diverted traffic trying to join the Birdham Straight and all it needed was some form of traffic control at that point to keep the traffic flowing.

I met a police patrol car going in the opposite direction so the police were aware of the congestion problem.

Would it have been too much to ask to set up an old-fashioned police traffic control at that point for at least a couple of hours to alleviate the problem? Obviously it was.

Once again, congratulations to all involved for a creating a typical British traffic diversion fiasco.

Mr R Westbrook

Croft Way