LETTER: Union backing for hospital campaign

THE campaign to ensure the services at St Richard’s do not decrease is of huge importance to the Students’ Union, the university and the community.

The Students’ Union is supporting a huge organisation within the community, with more than 5,000 students and hundreds of academic and service staff on top of that.

Back in 2006, we supported the campaign to ensure the A&E at St Richard’s was secure.

Our position remains unchanged on the topic and we are disappointed to see the need to run the same campaign only eight years later.

The hospital plays a big role in our community; as well as help for injuries, it supplies welfare support and often helps to bring people to our university as they feel safe on our campuses.

I have spoken to staff from other Students’ Unions around the country who have said about the strain put on their institution due to A&E being so far away.

We would not like to see ourselves in a similar situation where our local A&E would be 16 miles away.

We are happy to be backing this campaign as an institution as we would like to support the rest of the local community

in this fight and also protect

the safety of our students and staff.

Lizi Mutter

Vice president

University of Chichester Students’ Union