LETTER: Valuable service

REGARDING the article on Sammy’s Transport getting a parking ticket while providing a valuable service the council is unwilling to provide, just shows how out of touch it is about the needs and safety for people with dementia and the elderly.

My husband uses the service weekly to take him to Tea and Chat in Little London.

I would be very concerned if he was left on the bus unattended or even worse that he should be dropped off so the bus could be parked in a ‘suitable parking place’.

I feel that traffic wardens should be educated about the needs of vulnerable people, whether they are elderly, have mobility problems or dementia.

They should look at the overall situation, is there a queue of lorries or vans waiting to be unloaded, is it causing a obstruction and how long is it parked? Services like this are a lifeline to the people who use them and their carers.

Also, have you noticed that the council is reducing the budget for adult social care and health by over £5m over the next two years, once again showing how out of touch they are with the most vulnerable members of our society.

Pam Anstee

Church Road