LETTER: We are guardians

I HAVE been listening to and reading the varied concerns of those who are campaigning against the proposed Northern Bypass.

For me the argument is simple – we are guardians of the landscape, it is not ours to Tarmac over. Cities and economies must grow but when will we decide that we have reached saturation point in terms of urban development and the loss of our green spaces?

For each tree, plant, hedgerow or field that is destroyed we kill a part of our children’s children’s future.

What argument for creeping urban growth is strong enough to counter the responsibility we have to nurture the countryside?

Do we really need to turn green into more grey? Can’t we use the funds available to improve the current A27 so that at least in this small part of Britain we will be able to look future generations in the eye and know that we cherished the beautiful landscape on our doorstep.

Grace Baker

Southbrook Road,

West Ashling