LETTER: We need a long term remedy

We do not yet know what the ‘improvements’ to the Chichester bypass will comprise, but it seems likely that long queues of east/west traffic will be replaced by north/south queues.

At least those trapped in the latter will have the consolation of knowing that the seclusion of the Goodwood Estate will not have been impaired.

Or perhaps they will consider it a shame that when a bypass for Chichester was first considered, Kingsham was not still a Royal Estate. A northern bypass would then have avoided the subsequent multiple problems (horrendous traffic hold-ups, railway bridges and flooding).

Furthermore, since the prevailing wind is southwesterly, pollution may have been a factor deserving more attention (see MEP Keith Taylor’s letter, 24 March).

The impression I have now is that a solution is being sought to meet current problems; whereas what we need is a much longer term remedy. Otherwise, with normal population growth plus immigration, it won’t be long before further ‘improvements’ will have to be made.

Jack Arnold

South Bank