LETTER: We need changes

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PLEASE try and help us in Selsey, I am speaking for the people of Selsey. I asked 500 people what was the most important things we want doing in Selsey,

They are as follows: See to the flooding at Budgens car park, it stops you using toilets, going to the doctors, parent and children going to school and shopping.

Stop flooding in High Street, it makes it very hard to shop in Selsey, we do not want to loose people shopping here and it’s on a bus stop which makes it flood the pavement.

The toilets in East Street, opposite the car park, should never have been closed, they were used by holiday-makers who have complained. Dustmen, council workers, bus drivers, delivery people, children and mothers going to school, old people doing shopping – this is a very busy road. The toilets are now fenced in, they can be locked up at night plus the camera was adjusted at the car park to cover the toilet, plus there is a disabled toilet also.

Now the council are charging for the car parks you would think this could help to cover the price to keep the toilet open in East Street. Work has started on new lampposts for street lighting, was it really necessary, when there are more important things to do first?

Mr RJ Hunter

East Street