LETTER: What must tourists think or traffic?

Just back from a trip to the Isle of Wight from Findon, which on the outward Sunday leg included the now-standard 30-minute wait queuing to get off the A27 and filter around Arundel.

Then the usual mayhem on the Chichester bypass.

Luckily, I didn’t start my journey in Lancing.

Getting across Worthing on the area’s main road, which laughably carries an ‘A’ prefix before 27, would have added another 30 minutes of frustration.

Can you imagine what tourists must make of this? And van, truck and business drivers when this happens during the week, as it inevitably does?

They will be saying ‘What kind of people allow this, year in, year out?

What kind of politicians represent West Sussex where such blood pressure inducing chaos is the norm?’ Politicians in safe seats, that’s who.

There’s only one way to finally force action. Challenge them in parliamentary and local elections. When a few of these useless timeservers begin to worry that the game is up, that’s when we might see some action.

I think local citizens will respond because so many daily lives are being ruined.

The campaign would seek a continuous motorway from Shoreham to the west of Chichester.

If necessary we could tunnel under Worthing or launch a viaduct over the town.

If you doubt my idea, Google the viaduct at Millau, in France. It can be done.

I would also include a demand to improve the local rail services. Why aren’t there regular express trains from Brighton to Portsmouth?

The A27 liberation movement would cost a lot of money, but there is a lot of that about in West Sussex, so perhaps a public-spirited benefactor will stand up and be counted, lead the movement with a cash injection.

Neil Winton, Steep Lane, Findon