LETTER: What next for policing in Sussex?

WITH reference to your article on PCC’s taking over fire and rescue, a person with no training as a police officer can be elected by a small majority of Conservative voters and suddenly become the voice and control of policing in Sussex.

They now want to let them loose on the fire service.

Where are we going? It appears to be policing by the Government via the back door. They now appear to want control of the fire service. What will be next?

When I left school, I worked as a trainee electrical draughtsman. I had a boss who imparted years of training and knowledge.

I joined the Royal Air Force and learnt the chain of command, people who had knowledge in their chosen field. In 1976, I joined the Sussex Police and was proud to serve the community with people who had gained experience through many years of training.

Some went on to higher rank and some became those we classed as them in the Ivory tower.

These were people who were responsible for policing and answerable to the Police Authority, a good selection of the community.

I feel sorry for these senior officers today.

It must be a nightmare having to justify your decisions to a person put there by the Government. They are not there to represent us the public.

The comment ‘we are all public services delivering a service to the public’ I find difficult to understand.

How on earth could someone with no training be in charge of our fire services as well?

I feel that I and my fellow now-retired police officers served in the golden years when we were there to serve the public and not answer to a Conservative representative of the Government.

I wonder what will be next on the agenda.

Steve Hart

Chichester Road