LETTER: Whose dream is play area plan?

IN the Midhurst and Petworth Observer there is a report on the acquisition of the field next to Easebourne Primary School by the parish council.

Moving the playground from its present position is an excellent plan; having the play area next the school in a safe and controlled environment makes complete sense.

However, in your comment column on page 42 there are one or two remarks that need challenging.

Your column says ‘It would be a dream come true’. Whose dream would that be?

About two years ago the proposal for a new village hall was put forward at a public meeting.

Not everyone there was in favour, pointing out the difficulty of raising the monies and then the on-going expense of caretaker and management committees etc.

Since that meeting there have been developments within the village that would, I suggest, obviate the considerable work involved in attempting to build another facility. Easebourne Parish Council may not own any community facilities but the village already has Cowdray Hall and two schools that are keen to be part of the local community with halls available for use.

In addition, Easebourne football club is applying for planning permission to build a new pavilion which, like the Rugby Club pavilion which is also in Easebourne, would be available for hire.

Although the Refectory is not being ‘rented’ out, it is available for any group from within our village to use as St Mary’s sees the Refectory as a resource for the whole community.

Katharine Minchin

Lutener Road