LETTER: Why will MP not speak out?

In December, the Secretary of State for Transport said he would consider a rerun of the the consultation on the Highways England proposals to improve the traffic flow around Chichester if the county and district council supported it and our MP agreed. Both councils have called for such a rerun.

Andrew Tyrie held meetings with the district councillors and chairmen of parish councils more than two weeks ago.

He will have gathered that the majority of his constituents also support such a rerun.

Mr Tyrie will no doubt also be aware of the Observer survey of PCs which reveals 16 PCs (with population of more than 60,000 people) wish a new consultation. Six PCs (with population of 6,000 people) do not want one. Surely these numbers alone should have informed our MP to support the wishes of the great majority of his constituents.

Yet at a lunch last Friday, he appeared deliberately to avoid coming out with any decision on whether to support a new consultation. He achieved this by a series of blatantly filibustering answers to all questions other than providing a brief response to the one matter that is really holding the attention of all his constituents, namely the road, and his decision on calling for a reconsultation.

Perhaps Mr Tyrie believes if he sits on his hands for long enough, his need for leadership will be overtaken by events. What other possible reason could he have for not taking any decision?

He has the evidence. He has the backing of his voters and councils. Why will he not speak out?”

Christopher Page

Willowmead Close