LETTER: You cannot deny climate change

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I DO find it interesting that Mr Hunniken uses the terminology ‘the myth of manmade climate change’ twice in his letter last week.

Is this a case of if you repeat the mantra often enough then you will believe it as fact? I would like to ask the climate change deniers one question. Very simply: “Will the carbon that took 40 million years to extract from the atmosphere and will be returned to the same atmosphere in less than 300 years have no effect?” I would welcome Mr Hunniken’s scientific response to this question.

I cannot think of any other situation where taking something away over a long period of time and replacing it very quickly would have no effect.

I will use the known variable of rain to illustrate my stance on this. Consider the amount of rain that falls over Britain in a year. Divide that by 12 to give a monthly rainfall and then make it deposit just one month’s rain in a few days and then tell me that it has no effect.

Try and tell the residents of the Somerset levels that it is not a problem!

It defies logic to assume that the return of millions of tonnes of carbon back into the atmosphere in a very short time will be benign.

I am happy to accept that there may be other effects on the climate including the natural cycle of the world’s atmosphere, but to deny man has any influence is complete nonsense.

Mike Beal