LETTERS: 20’s Plenty point missed

I am concerned that in the recent discussion of 20’s Plenty, the essential point is being missed.

The principal aim of 20’s Plenty”is safety.

As a cyclist I know that if I am hit by a car travelling at 20mph, my chances of survival are far greater than being hit at 30mph. The same is true should I be hit as a pedestrian.

If we are properly to value our fellow human beings and also encourage people to use their feet or pedal power, surely it is right that reasonable measures should be taken to make our fellow travellers as safe as possible.

The extra travelling time the 20mph limit inflicts on motorists is in fact very small and I write as one living on the edge of Chichester. From Maplehurst Road to Broyle Road at 20mph takes three minutes, thus the increased time is but one minute.

If, instead, I drive down Summersdale Road and College Lane to the ring road, the first half of the journey is slow anyway because of so much roadside parking and I doubt if the extra time generated by the 20mph limit is more than a minute.

An extra minute per single journey is surely a minuscule price to pay for people’s safety. Moreover College Lane is so dangerous because of its dreadful road surface and heavy traffic (now including buses) that 20mph makes sense anyway.

I agree that enforcement is an issue and I profoundly disagree with its being farmed out to fellow citizens.

There should be enough

police available to enforce the 20mph limit as with any other motoring law.

John Newman

Maplehurst Road