LETTERS: An ugly wart on the landscape

At the recent three-day inquiry into the above proposal for 22 houses on Long Copse Lane meadow, the landscape expert for the developers (Southcott Homes) stated that they had been instructed by CDC to design a ‘focal point’ at the entrance to the site, and this would be a two-and-a-half-storey building on an already elevated area.

Well, a focal point could be the eyes of a beautiful woman or the ugly wart on the end of her nose! In the case of Long Copse meadow, the ‘focal point’ is the ugly wart.

The architect also suggested growing higher hedges to screen the development. Surely if screening is felt to be necessary, it is because of ugly and inappropriate design.

How could we expect anything more of an architect who describes a beautiful rural landscape as ‘just a field with a hedge around it’? How could we take seriously an architect who proposes a ‘footpath to nowhere’, ending abruptly at the junction of a busy road (substantially short of her implied measurements).

Villagers are passionate about caretaking Westbourne for generations to come, and the very young right through to the very elderly have joined forces to protect the future of this village against the continued onslaught of unscrupulous developers.

Jesse Grant

Long Copse Lane