LETTERS: How unpatriotic are our councillors?

That the county councillors are voting themselves a selfish pay rise at this time of austerity is obscene and above all unpatriotic.

At a time when this dear land is fighting for fiscal stability, how dare they divorce themselves from the hardships that are being imposed on our people and stand aloof from what is happening outside the county gates.

As one of the stakeholders in the county council, I protest against any rise in their generous allowances. Was there any mention of featherbedding these individuals when they stood for election? Of course not.

Therefore any increases should be postponed until after the next election, let them be honest at that time and state clearly where they stand on personal allowances. Let us, the electors, decide whether they deserve any pay rises.

Car mileage – going up from 53.8p to 59.25p per mile! I gather that this is as recommended by the AA. Stop trying to kid us, we are aware that the AA inflates the cost of motoring when fighting for motorists.

This is another increase that should be put on hold until things get better.

Once upon a time when I was a civil servant, strict rules were imposed governing motor mileage claims. Eg, Only one driver could claim m/m allowance when travelling over the same route as another colleague – ie car-sharing was imposed.

We had to justify that going by car was the cheapest and most economical mode of transport. Are these rules exercised by our elected representatives? Do they share transport – or do they each drive in solo?

Do any of them use their bus passes? Do they pay for the privilege of being able to park adjacent to where they attend?– or is this yet another perk? Finally, do any of them cycle? As I used to do when I was councillor.

Len Eyles

Worcester Road,