LETTERS: Park is a real quagmire

Having seen the quagmire that remains in Oakwood Park now that Tent In The Park has been removed, I am left wondering why this is considered to be satisfactory?

Why has the Chichester Festival Theatre been allowed to get away with budgeting for a few bags of grass seed to be planted in the spring, when even the most amateur gardener would have known that the damage to the football pitch would be so great as to require re-turfing.

It is not fair that the CFT benefits financially from siting its temporary theatre in a public park without repaying the debt.

The football pitch is now effectively out of commission until well into the summer of next year, and in its place is an ugly eyesore of churned-up mud.

The CFT should be held to account and should fully fund the re-turfing of the football pitch and the considerable areas that were hidden under the two temporary access paths.

I will not be renewing my Friends of CFT membership unless this is done.

Beverly Coghlan

St Pauls Road