LETTERS: Verdict is clear

I write in a state of some astonishment.

I have long been opposed to any alteration to the rail crossing in Fishbourne Road.

I have taken the view that if you cannot safely cross the railway here, you probably should not be out unaccompanied.

I came up with a credible, affordable, cheaper and shorter route alternative and was ignored by both WSCC and Network Rail.

I have listened to the ranters who told me that more people would die if ‘something was not done’.

Time has moved on and the bridge has been completed and is now open to all. I have not cut myself a slice of humble pie, but the bridge is there so I use it.

The reason for my astonishment is that this old alleged ‘death trap’ of a crossing is still open and still being used by the old, the young and cyclists of both age groups.

I really hope no-one is killed using the crossing now the bridge is open and if they are, please can we save money and declare the inquest verdict now? Cause of death: ‘Mindless stupidity and total lack of commonsense’.

Jonathan Fulford