Link to questionnaire is too tricky to find

I RECENTLY went online to access the questionnaire regarding the local development framework. The problem was in trying to locate it.

So my son took over – he had never seen such a waste of space for a website! Therefore, I duly telephoned the number given in the Observer (01243 534571): the person who answered advised my son to log in to the limehouse portal consultation.

There had been no link to this indicated on the website at all... how are people supposed to guess the questionnaire is under the “limehouse portal” link?

Then he told them that he uses websites everyday and theirs was absolutely useless, he was informed that lots of people had been online and filled in the questionnaire.

When we finally got to the questionnaire only 22 people had actually filled them in. Rather odd considering the amount of people living in the relevant area (24,000).

Perhaps the hope is people will give up. Let’s face it: they cannot really be interested in our views, or the questionnaire would be available to people not online and would be locatable on the website.

Unfortunately, you cannot get a postal questionnaire sent to you by ringing the above number; you can go online and download it, then print it, providing you have enough paper and ink! It’s a PDF document 52 pages long.

Marilyn Giles,

Birdham Road,