Litter is marring beautiful lanes

COUNTRY lanes in the Chichester area are distressingly despoiled by careless people, throwing rubbish out of cars and dropping litter in an otherwise beautiful landscape.

Even in Kingley Vale, glorious area of outstanding natural beauty, there are bits of rubbish everywhere. The worst offenders are dog owners who carefully scoop their pooches’ poop into plastic bags, then leave them by the path or hanging from branches or fence posts. What kind of mentality is that? If they can’t be bothered to transport them to a suitable bin, a better option would be to kick or, using a suitable stick, flick the offending turds into the undergrowth to decompose naturally.

It is shameful that the general public are so irresponsible and do not care for the welfare of their, or their neighbouring, environment. Therefore, I beg the Observer and the district and county councils to embark on a major campaign to educate these destructive individuals. Care of the environment should be taught in all educational establishments from an early age and widely promoted to become habitual for all.

A. Chadwick

West Stoke