Live in harmony on the pavements

I am writing after having to call an ambulance yesterday morning for a cyclist who had been knocked off his bike.

He was cycling in the cycle lane on Broyle Road, just approaching the Northgate roundabout, when a passenger in a car queuing on the approach to the roundabout, opened the car door on to him.

He was knocked off his bike and suffered a serious knee injury which needed 15 stitches.

He spent the morning in St Richard’s A&E Department instead of being at work.

I cycle in Chichester every day, on the pavements whenever possible to keep safe, as I face danger, ignorance and abuse when using the roads.

The cycle lanes offer no protection to cyclists and are frequently ignored by motorists, including local bus drivers – particularly on the approach to the Northgate roundabout from Broyle Road.

When using the pavement I also encounter occasional abuse, and have even been threatened with a £30 fine by a PCSO, so I was interested to learn that I was NOT commiting a criminal offence!

The idea of ‘considerate cycling welcome’ is brilliant – it works on London’s South Bank; it works in Copenhagen where the city is teeming with cyclists – why can’t it work in Chichester?

There are sadly too few pedestrians using the pavements and too many people travelling short distances by car – why not make it easier for people to help protect the environment; save the world’s resources; save money and be healthy?

Why not accept that cyclists and pedestrians CAN live together in harmony on the pavements and footpaths of Chichester?

Let’s campaign for considerate cycling on the paths of Chichester!

Louise Flude,


via email