Long time coming

We have recently been told the Church of England is going to investigate some cases of misconduct by senior members of the church (locally). This has been a long time coming because it has been known that problems such as these have existed for some time.

When, however, are we to have an investigation of the Archbishop himself for his many actions that misuse his position. He has, long since, stated there should be use of Sha-ariah Law in this country; in some Arab countries we cannot even hold church services.

More recently he has said we should celebrate some Arab holidays, when we are not permitted to hold Christmas services in

their land.

If Arabs or Muslim people come to this land they should accept our laws, religion and customs or stay away. I am not anti-Muslim and have worked in Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries for over 15 years – I obeyed their laws etc.

James McCulloch

Newlands Lane,