Looking for new found relatives

I recently found out that I have close blood relatives who lived in the Chichester/ Selsey area.

Perhaps they still do.

I am, therefore, anxious for any information about the family of William ‘Bill’ Holmes, born in 1920 and originally from Workington in Cumbria.

He lived in Selsey and died in St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, in 1981.

He was described as a holiday let proprietor.

He seems to have had two children, a son Jeremy W. Holmes and a daughter Anne L Holmes.

Their mother’s maiden name was Death.

Any information about them or knowledge of their past or present whereabouts would be very happily received and may well help in supplying a missing chapter in the story of my life.

Laurence McGowan

6 Aughton,

Collingbourne Kingston,

Marlborough Wilts.


Tel: 01264 850749

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