May Day magic thanks to council

To my many friends across the area who have asked why I haven’t written to the Observer lately, I have replied, ‘because nothing has made me want to!’

Anyway, the letters columns have been well filled of late with tirades about the local development plan. In fact these would easily have filled the ‘It’s Your Shout’ column that died an unheralded death before Christmas! But today is different.

Why? It is May Day Monday. The sun is shining and temperatures have risen to 18.4 degrees and I felt the need to go for a ride in my FPC (Famous Power Chair). So, together with my wife following on, I took the southern route down Centurion Way with a view to seeing how the railway bridge construction was progressing. The birds were singing, the path was filled with cyclists ranging from small children still with stabilisers, to teenagers who have out-grown their cycles, to the middle-aged and elderly; there was even a budding Bradley Wiggins. Then there were a few dog walkers and us.

The first part of the route was flanked on the east by houses, and on the west, with glorious views across the rolling meadows of Whitehouse Farm. After crossing Newlands Way bridge we still had the rolling meadows on one side and a silent, deserted Bishop Luffa School on the other. The air was full of birdsong. We even met our neighbours en route. What a wonderful asset this cycle way is to Chichester. It is hard to believe it was built some 18 years ago and I was able to cycle on it.

Our thanks must go to the council workers who keep it tidy.

John Collins (Revd)

Exeter Road