Money making scheme

Back in August I had a note put through my letterbox with the heading ‘Little Breach Residents Parking Scheme’.

It did not state who it was from.

I agree introducing a CPZ in the lower part of Little Breach will affect parking in the upper part of Little Breach.

I have not been following the story in the Observer so don’t know if it has been made clear to residents that residential parking schemes cost the residents of the street.

I also do not know how much it would cost; I would guess around £70 a year.

I believe this would be another money-making scheme for our council as I do not think the administration cost would be that high.

So you can see, residents of lower LB, students,overflow visitors to Scope or the allotment and commuters who work in Chichester will all then park in upper Little Breach.

I once lived in Orchard Street which has a CPZ and you are not guaranteed a parking place just because you have paid for it.

It was lovely to move to Little Breach where I could park outside my own home for free!

I do not want a CPZ/ Residential Parking Scheme in any part of Little Breach unless it is free.

I don’t think that will ever happen!

I also think that the council should have informed all of Little Breach of the proposals.

Paul Marshall

Upper Little Breach