‘Monstrous’ museum

TERRY ROBINSON (Observer letters, last week) reopens the controversy about the design of the new museum in Tower Street, Chichester.

Those who visit this corner of the city regularly will hardly have forgotten it; the hideous frontage hits you in the face every time you pass.

Over two months ago through these columns I asked district councillors who had voted in

favour of the building (or at least not voted against it) to justify their decision publicly.

I’m sorry to say not one has done so. I felt (and still feel) at least the portfolio holder for the arts and heritage, Cllr Nick Thomas of Midhurst, should attempt a defence.

The monstrous erection is so solidly built Cicestrians look like being stuck with it for decades to come.

Now the local elections are past, councillors have no potential votes to lose by admitting their mistake. Would any of them like to comment?

Tim Hudson

Hawthorn Close,