More needed, MPs

THERE have been several issues recently published in your paper highlighting concerns people have in relation to a lack of response from their local MP, namely Andrew Tyrie. It does anger me time and time again no reply comes back from our elected representatives. I wrote to Mr Tyrie once myself and yes, nothing.

However, in fairness I would like to point out Nick Gibb, MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton and the nation’s schools minister, always has time for his constituents. He certainly has replied to me several times and gone out of his way to find out the answer. If there is a delay he will tell you or invite you to his surgery. It is easy these days to find reason to criticise our politicians, often with good cause. However it does need one to step up and commend the good servants in our society as well.

C Haines

Carlton Avenue,

Rose Green