Moved to comment

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With regard to your article about the Co-op hoping to presumably flatten the Royal Oak in East Wittering in order to build (again presumably) an unattractive supermarket, I find myself moved to comment.

If East Wittering is big enough to need yet more supermarket space, it’s surely big enough to support that wonderful British institution – a pub – at the eastern end of the village.

I wonder whether the comment, apparently from Enterprise Inns, that ‘the buildings were at the end of their economic life’ might have been better expressed as ‘the business being at the end of its economic life from Enterprise Inns’ perspective’. The increasing number of people using the Royal Oak may well disagree that this cosy, friendly pub is at the end of the line.

I’m also troubled by the potential loss of an attractive and historic building at the start of East Wittering – the existing Co-op building looks like a supermarket; the Royal Oak looks like a pub.

If this travesty takes place, the current Co-op building will still look like a supermarket and so will the Royal Oak. Great.

Beverly Cuthbert.

Oakfield Ave

East Wittering