Murder tale shocks

I WAS shocked to see the article on the Down Memory Lane page regarding the Holt murders.

Sally Holt (formerly Key) was my great aunt. While I do not have any more significant information to reveal, I can remember being taken as a child to visit the family grave in Chichester cemetery.

I always got the impression from my parents and my father’s family (the King family) in particular, that the whole thing was too awful to contemplate or dwell on.

I do also remember my father telling me that aunt Sally’s eldest son Jack Holt Jnr went to live and work in New York.

I think terrible events that happen in families, although not forgotten, get buried in the far corners of our memories.

For my father the death of his beloved aunt Sally and his two cousins was a terrible blow and something he didn’t talk about often, but I know thought about a lot.

Phyllis Burgess (formerly King)

Goodwood Court,