Museum’s design is excellent addition

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I’m in total agreement with Cllr John Connor (Readers’ letters, last week). The new museum is an excellent addition to the Chichester street scene.

Similarly, the Pallant House extension is a great example of old and new forms really working well together and actually enhancing the whole.

The great thing about Chichester’s approach to new architecture, particularly in the past couple of decades, is that the city has decided to embrace new buildings – not simply because they’re new, or that they hide away scared of having any impact on older designs, but because they are themselves high-quality designs. Architecture that earns its place alongside other respected local buildings.

Other cities build plenty of new buildings, but the quality usually isn’t there.

Congratulations to those in charge of Chichester’s planning, people with great vision and understanding of contemporary and historic architecture.

Oh, and by the way, Chichester Library isn’t a ‘drum’, it’s iconic!

Steve Hill,