My thoughts

I used to feel a degree of pride to live in an area served by a local paper in decent broadsheet format. Now it has followed the path of the majority of daily papers and gone to tabloid set-up.

With over 130 pages it is certainly not easy to handle. Could it be stitched to stop the pages falling apart or perhaps It would be much better to have kept the two sections, with maybe a bit of juggling, together with a separate magazine? Who wants to have the whole paper just to get TV listings? Four pages of letters is hardly more than the old two!

I suppose I will have to get used to it, or not renew my subscription when it is due.

On another matter, Duncan Barkes has had a go at me indirectly for complaining about A boards.

I still can see absolutely no justification for having them right outside the entrance of shops in the main streets. I even noticed one resting on a traffic island at the end of South Street advertising ice creams, but where were they?

There is no time to read it all whilst driving by. If boards at this location proliferate, there will be no room for pedestrians crossing. As well as all this, it is against the civil law to obstruct the right of way on the footpath.

By the way, could we have a smiling photo of Duncan to head his column? He really does look a grumpy old man! Or perhaps he is!

John Collins

Exeter Road