Need for lights in Oving

With the proposed and almost certain closure of the Oving traffic lights, does anyone from the Highways Agency live on the east side of Chichester?

Friday, May 3, was a prime example of the gridlock that occurs around Chichester when any part of the A27 is congested or closed. The only safe way to get into Chichester or out of Chichester, when the route necessitates the crossing of the A27, is via the Oving lights.

Does it not occur to the Highways Agency that people living east of Chichester in villages such as Tangmere, Eastergate, Oving and beyond need a simple and safe route to cross over the A27 – and that is what these traffic lights offer. Even using this route on Friday, it still took nearly an hour to get from Oving to the hospital.

If this crossing had not been available, it may have well taken two hours to do a ten-minute journey. With the recent change in the traffic control this crossroads is far safer than any roundabout on the A27. To close these lights is inviting accidents to happen.

Veronica Migliorini