Need to feel safer

I use my bike on a daily basis to access town mainly to reduce my car usage and hence make my small contribution to reducing contamination and carbon emissions.

However I need to feel safer and more provided for as a bike user than I do now.

What I offer is one car less, less pollution, better health for myself (so no NHS visits) and I reduce the traffic queues at the level crossing by one car!

What the city offers is minimal interrupted cycle tracks, busy roads and perilous roundabouts.

The traffic ethos is one of cars come first; the road belongs to the car and the local bike user presents a somewhat irritating interference with the road users’ supreme rights.

This, of course, is an educational matter. As we all know, in Holland the cyclist is supreme and the education is otherwise. I am not asking for supremacy!

However I do not feel safe. Nor am I permitted to ride on the pavement to feel safer... then pedestrians would not be safe. So how do I proceed? A car-proof suit of armour is regrettably not yet available.

The 20mph limit is the obvious starting point to opening up a climate of greater safety, equality and consideration between road users.

The 20mph limit would give motorists more time and patience (as they will be in less of a rush mindset) to observe and cater for a cyclist as they pass.

The 20mph will undoubtedly save lives reduce casualties and give safer passage to children on the school routes. It is logical... slower HAS to be SAFER. That is common sense.

If the council members sent their child to school each day by bike, which would they prefer, 30 or 20mph as their child went on his way? Or more queues of school run cars because they just can’t take the risk?

The other argument is for contamination and pollution reduction. This is vital now for our health and the health of our atmosphere. We all know that less speed is less carbon emissions.

Chichester city needs to be a leader in these matters... we have a wonderful gallery, museum, theatre and restaurants... please can we also excel in road safety, respiratory health and low carbon emission levels?

So YES PLEASE – 20mph is a definite.

Anita van Rossum

Grenville Gardens,