New developments need to pay more attention to infrastructure

WHILE the Observer (June 14) reported on the flooding in Sherborne Road, no mention was made of that in Neville Road or the south-west corner of Ashburnham Close which floods regularly.

While some of us here have become used to the growing inconvenience of flooding and consequential damage to our properties, we do not expect raw sewage coming from our manhole covers in our houses, gardens or the road.

The circumstances may have been exceptional, but if the existing inadequate drains collecting sewage from the Neville and Oliver Whitby Road estates, which discharge into the main in Ashburnham Close, cannot cope with an occasional emergency, how will they cope with the additional outflow from proposed new housing in this area?

Apart from stating the obvious that the drains in this area need urgent attention, the problem with all new developments is that insufficient attention is given to the infrastructure.

Our councillors, planners and local authorities need to be militant in refusing new developments until proper attention is given to drainage, schools, surgeries, roads and community centres.

Timothy Bastow

Ashburnham Close,