New school is a good idea in a bad location

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I am very much in favour of more schools for our children, but feel the proposed location in Vinnetrow Business Park, Runcton, is inappropriate and should be looked at in great detail and study before going ahead.

I am familiar with the site in question, and it presents a potentially dangerous access for children and parents. The road carries a lot of busy traffic (including heavy vehicles), and is both narrow and winding, resulting in obscure vision in places.

It has, on occasions been used as a ‘diversion route’ which causes large ‘tailbacks’ and delays before joining the Runcton roundabout. The site in question also accommodates the Montessori Day Nursery School and to consider an additional number of more than 200 children would be particularly hazardous.

Planners should also consider residents who are in close proximity of the site with view and consideration as to the high volume of noise which would be incurred.

C Bullen

Church Road