No A for A-boards

READING that I am not the only visually-impaired person who finds the proliferation of A-boards in Chichester an annoyance and hazard, I wonder again why nothing is done about this shabby blight?

The powers exist under the Highways Act 1980, section 149, to take action, so why are the city streets allowed to become a dangerous obstacle course?

Why is it that other businesses allow their neighbours to create a ‘no-go’ and therefore a ‘no-spend’ area for the visually – and mobility – impaired visitors to the city without calling them to account?

I for one avoid the city and do my shopping elsewhere for that very reason.

There have been at least two plans to prohibit A-boards proposed in the past few years: what became of them?

And, what are the responsible authorities waiting for?

Perhaps they are waiting for someone to be injured and a carnivorous no-win, no-fee lawyer to get on the case, bankrupting the business concerned because their public liability insurance doesn’t cover them for unlawful A-boards.

I fear it is only that eventuality that will prompt long overdue action.

Paul Cresswell,

Old Bosham