No apology raising the issue

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I was saddened to read of the financial difficulties of the Cowdray Ruins, such a major tourist feature of the town.

In such cases it is inevitably the income fighting the costs.

As to the costs, I can make little comment except it has to be a large organisation to require both a manager and an assistant manager.

The income is another matter, and I make no apology for raising this issue again.

Midhurst seems determined to hide from passing traffic a clear view of the ruins and yet Midhurst is on both a route to the south, and on the east/ west A272, both busy tourist routes.

Between North Mill bridge and the first of North Street shops there would be a wonderful opportunity for a clear view across the meadows to the ruins, long enough for passing motorists to register the ruins are there.

I say ‘would be’ because alongside the road there is a screen of not particularly noteworthy trees with scrub between them, and to make absolutely sure the ruins are hidden there is a further partial screen of trees right in front of the ruins themselves.

In the summer the ruins disappear from passing traffic.

If all this were cleared and what would be an outstanding view of the ruins opened up, I would be astonished if the ‘footfall’, as marketing people like to call it, of visitors to the ruins did not increase measurably.

All this is rather basic marketing of a tourist attraction and it is surprising it has apparently not been seen as important.

John Kistner

Hollist Lane