No cash for city councillors

FIRSTLY could I point out that Chichester city councillors do not receive any allowances at all and it is all voluntary work carried out as elected representatives of the city wards; the only exception is our mayor who has an allowance to carry out his civic duties. Perhaps the Chichester district councillors could take a leaf out of our book and refuse the extra allowance and perhaps one of their many cuts can be averted.

Secondly I would like to comment on the retail development at Barnfield Drive which is in my ward (east Chichester). I am as a councillor in favour of this development as it will create many jobs for our young people in the city. As this site is currently just scrubland – with, until recently, a tented area occupied by our east European friends and loads of rubbish which has been dumped – this area will be landscaped and I hope be maintained over the years.

I know the River Lavant only flows at certain times during the year, but this landscaped park area will be a vast improvement for the east ward of Chichester.

The only thing I am against is the proposed entrance from Westhampnett roads new roundabout: this will not be tolerated by east ward electors as this road is now far too busy and cannot cope with the present volumes of traffic into the city. Access to this development must be as existing, ie the Homebase roundabout.

If East ward electors wish to contact me for any reason to express their views on the Barnfield retail site they can email me at

John Hughes

Chichester city councillor for East ward