No need for housing

DO CHICHESTER District Council really understand what they are doing by building houses on land needed for car parking at the Grange Centre in Midhurst?

The Midhurst monthly market took place on Saturday and parking has always been at a premium, but add to that the parking charges and a traffic warden who was booking any car not in an allotted space, made it even more difficult.

One lady who had come from Winchester to the market for years could not find a space and in desperation had parked on a double yellow line, not causing any danger.

She had emphysema and needed to be near the entrance and was booked. I heard her remark ‘I will not be coming into Midhurst again’.

Is this the way to try to revive business in our town?

Where was she to park? Many people from out of Midhurst have come to this market for years, and it seems unlikely that they will continue to shop in this town with the lack of spaces.

It seems unfair for people to be booked when the council does not provide enough spaces for parking.

If there is such a need for more houses in Midhurst, why do the row in Forest Road, Midhurst, stand boarded-up and empty as they have done for months, if not years?

P Hayton,

Duck Lane,