Not a ‘greenhouse’

I write in response to recent letters about the greenhouse development in Almodington.

It is sad to read negative comments about the valuable contribution to our local economy made by workers from other European countries.

However, my issue is with the use of the word ‘greenhouse’ to describe this planning proposal.

As I understand it, the application was for a massive glasshouse structure covering some 88 acres – a quite unimaginable size.

Further, this development was to be sited on land designated for agricultural not horticultural use and in a location not served by a suitable road network.

We need to carefully consider the impact that such a development would have on the landscape and environment and the precedent this would set for further similar developments throughout the Chichester harbour area.

Are we prepared to see our green spaces glassed over?

Are we prepared to cope with a substantial increase in large lorry traffic on the A286 through Donnington and B2145 through Hunston?

Perhaps, in refusing the application for this massive development we have, to some extent, protected the wide range of employment opportunities that currently exist within the area and not deterred those who may choose to locate other businesses here in the future.

There will, no doubt, be continued pressure to develop our rural landscape; we need to consider very carefully and objectively before making our decisions.

Jean Buchanan