Not pulling their weight

We attended the open day of the Birdham Village Residents’ Association showing our progress and what remains to be done in producing a neighbourhood plan.

Once we had recognised and admired the very hard work and commitment of the committee and volunteers the most striking aspect was how very little our district councillors seem to be doing to address the concerns of their constituents on the Manhood Peninsula.

Traffic gets worse and worse, untreated sewage is being allowed to escape into the harbour and our homes are more and more at risk of flooding.

All of this degradation of our lives is made worse by the pell-mell rate of building in the village, often on unsuitable sites and at unsuitable densities, approved by the CDC planning committee.

The BVRA have asked for a moratorium on new planning approvals while the neighbourhood plan is in preparation.

We are told it is impossible and illegal but our government has passed legislation to give a right to local communities to have a say in how their neighbourhoods change and this refusal by the councillors is profoundly undemocratic.

We do not accept that what we have asked for is impossible and wonder why we are voting for these councillors if they can find no way to address the needs and aspirations of their constituents.

Jerrold Alexander

Oak Meadow